Designing with Children: Methods and Guides

Involving end-users in the design process is considered as a way of ensuring meaningful product interactions appreciated by the users. Young users are no exception; in fact, participation of children in the design of products for their use can notably help designers to step into the young users’ world, understand their needs, concerns and desires, which in return may lead to child-friendly design solutions. However, working with such a special user group may present certain challenges for designers, mainly due to intergenerational differences between adult designers and young users.

By providing an overview of participatory methods and techniques, and practical guides to designing with children, this presentation aims to serve as an introductory source for novice practitioners of co-design sessions collaborating with children. Topics covered will include expected contributions from children at different phases of the design process, generative methods to explore children’s space, co-design and design partnerships, practical guides and tips for fruitful co-design sessions, and ethical issues.

Sedef is a research assistant and PhD candidate at METU Department of Industrial Design. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on methods of elicitation and communication of children’s product experiences to inform early design ideation process. Her research interests include construct elicitation techniques, co-design techniques, contextual observation and modelling user experiences.

2017-10-06T08:40:03+00:00 October 6th, 2017|Seminar|