Call for Tracks: DRS LEARN X DESIGN 2019

Call for Tracks
Fifth International Conference for Design Education Researchers
9-12 July 2019, METU, Ankara

We are happy to announce that Middle East Technical University Department of Industrial Design is hosting the DRS Learn X Design 2019: Fifth International Conference for Design Education Researchers between 9-12 July 2019. This conference series is an event of the DRS Special Interest Group in Design Pedagogy (

The conference theme is “Insider Knowledge” and we hope to explore the following topics.

  1. Learning spaces
  2. Learning cultures
  3. Emerging skills and mind sets

We have launched our website and announced a call for tracks. The deadline for track proposals is the 31st of May. We would be very happy if you would consider participation. You may find detailed information on the topics and submission requirements at

We would like to reach out to the design education community and relevant stakeholders. We would kindly like to ask you to forward our e-mail to friends and colleagues who you believe would be interested in participation.

We also have social media accounts. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (drslxd2019).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards from Ankara,

DRS LEARN X DESIGN 2019 Conference Co-chairs
Naz A.G.Z. Börekçi, Fatma Korkut, Dalsu Özgen Koçyıldırım