Course Invitation: ID728

ID728: Generative Design for Sustainability First meeting: 14 October, Wednesday, 09:00 If you want to register the course, you must attend the first meeting. Send an e-mail to to receive Zoom link.


New Graduate Course: ID734

  ID734 DESIGN FOR SPORTS, HEALTH AND WELLBEING by Prof. Dr Bahar Şener-Pedgley * the course may not appear in the registration list * FIRST MEETING: 13 OCTOBER, Tuesday @13:40 If you are interested, you need to attend the FIRST MEETING..! Drop me an e-mail to receive your Zoom-Link: bsener[at]


New Graduate Course: ID715

  ID715 CURRENT ISSUES IN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN by Prof. Dr Owain Pedgley FIRST MEETING: 16 OCTOBER, Friday @ 09:40 If you are interested, you need to attend the FIRST MEETING..! Drop me an e-mail to receive your Zoom-Link: pedgley[at]


UTAK 2020 Is Completed

The fourth of our National Design Research Conference (UTAK) had been concluded. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference was held online between 8 - 10 September 2020 with significant participation of colleagues, students and professionals. We want to thank all our participants and stakeholders for making this great conference [...]


Lisans tanıtım sunuşumuz, puanımız ve başarı sıralamamız

Üniversite Adaylarının dikkatine, Bölümümüzün lisans programı tanıtım sunuşuna buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Yüksek öğretim Kurulunun kararı ile içerikleri aynı, ancak isimleri farklı olan programların isimlerinde ortaklaştırmaya gidilmiş ve bölümümüzün ismi “Endüstriyel Tasarım” olarak değiştirilmiştir. Bu nedenle ismi değiştirilen tüm bölümler gibi bölümümüzün de puanı ve başarı sıralaması 2020 YKS kılavuzunda görünmemektedir. Bölümümüzün puanı [...]


Jury Invitation

  ID202 Section 2 final jury "Protective mask for pandemic diseases" will be held online on 2-3rd of June at 13:30-17:30.


Jury Invitation

ID 202, Section 2 final jury "Designing with the Scenarios: Study Setting for Online Learning" will be held on the 2nd of June 2020 Tuesday between 13:30-17:30. Jury will be shared live on METU ID Facebook page.


METU Industrial Design is in the Top 10 Again!

  Our department ranked the 7th best design school in Americas & Europe by 2019 Red Dot Design Rankings. We would like to congratulate our students, graduates and stakeholders for taking part in this success. For details: