Beholding Coexistence: A workshop by Prof. Jasjit Singh

Apply Now Beholding Coexistence:  - a workshop in exploring its visual essence and understanding the intangible interdependence   Coexistence as the word suggests is a result of a combination of at least two or several distinct as well as similar elements, which can be arranged in physical, [...]


Zati Erbaş guides second years in biomimicry field trip

Second year students of our deparment conducted a field trip in METU forests, under the guidance of artist and trekker Zati Erbaş for their projects in ID 201 class. The students will be designing chocolate packaging, using biomimicry techniques to get inspiration from seed pods, found in nature.


The Global Studio 2018: Local Mobilities

The Global Studio is a cross-institutional design course that aims to provide students with skills for working in cross-cultural and geographically distributed work groups. In the course, teams of students in different universities are paired to work together on design projects to act as clients and designers for one another. [...]

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UTAK 2018 is concluded

The third of our National Design Research Conference (UTAK) had been concluded. The conference took place in METU Culture and Convention Center between 12 and 14 September, 2018. We would like to thank all our participants and stakeholders for making this great conference happen, once again. See Conferences page for [...]

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STS Turkey 2018 is concluded

STS Turkey Conference, co-hosted by our department and METU Tekpol (Science and Technology Policy Studies) had been concluded. The conference took place in METU Culture and Convention Center between 10 and 11 September, 2018. Visit the conference website for more information: ststurkey.net/ststurkey2018-en

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METU Alumni Day at our Department

On September 15th, 2018, our alumni celebrating their 10th, 20th and 30th years of graduation, received their medals with a high rate of participation.


17th Graduation Projects Jury and Exhibition

17th Graduation Projects Exhibition and the fourth year final jury took place at the Culture and Convention Center between May 29 and 31, 2018. 53 students presented their work, supported by 35 firms. We would like to congratulate all our stakeholders once again for their hard work. [...]

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