METU Department of Industrial Design was at Dubai Global Grad Show

Dubai Global Grad Show which has been organized since 2015, was attended by almost 100 schools form 45 countries this year. 150 projects were exhibited to a wide range of international audience via 3D models and short videos. The exhibition also became a global student meeting with a large attendance. [...]


METU ID at Design Week Turkey 2018: “Value Through Design”

Value Through Design "Value Through Design", presents a selection of graduation projects from our fourth year studio, conducted in 2018. Graduation projects, completed with the cooperation of advisor firms, generate knowledge from real user needs, that can provide increased functionality, usability, attractiveness and better user experiences through products and [...]


World Industrial Design Day 2018: “Health and Well-Being” Panel and Selections from the Graduation Projects

In part of World Industrial Design Day (WIDD), TMMOB Chamber of Architects, Commision of Industrial Designers organized a “Health and Well-Being” panel with an exhibition of selected graduation projects. The event was hosted at the Ankara branch of TMMOB Chamber of Architects on June 19th 2018.


17th Graduation Projects Jury and Exhibition

17th Graduation Projects Exhibition and the fourth year final jury took place at the Culture and Convention Center between May 29 and 31, 2018. 53 students presented their work, supported by 35 firms. We would like to congratulate all our stakeholders once again for their hard work. [...]

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METU Department of Industrial Design participated in the Global Grad Show 2016

The second Global Grad Show was organised within the Dubai Design Week `16 between 24-29 October 2016, at the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. 50 universities from 30 countries took part in the exhibition that was held in the Dubai Design District. In this exhibition, 145 graduation projects were exhibited; the [...]


A selection of Graduation Projects were exhibited in Design Week Turkey 2016

Our department participated in Design Week Turkey 2016 exhibition with a selection of Graduation Projects developed by: Abdulkadir Uruç Ayşegül Kaya Belfuğ Şener Birnur Şahin Cansu Bezmez Damla Özekici Gülnihal Karaca Kemal Kutay Demirpolat Merve Candemir Öznur Başaran Sayit Alişan Zeynep İrem Şişmantürk


A selection of Graduation Projects were exhibited in “Bilimin Ev Hali / Science at Home”

METU organized "Bilimin Ev Halleri / Science at Home"  event on September 30th, 2016, as a part of Science and Fun Day, which is held on every last Friday of September in 250 cities in Europe. Our department participated in the event with a selection of Graduation Projects developed by Ayşegül [...]


METU ID Graduation Projects Exhibition 2016

METU Department of Industrial Design Graduation Projects Exhibition will be held at METU Culture and Congress Centre, June 7th - 10th, 2016. This year, the exhibition also included projects from variety of courses for three themed exhibitions. We would like to see you all at our exhibition and opening cocktail [...]