MS in Industrial Design

The Master of Science in Industrial Design is a research-oriented program which focuses on current issues and new problem areas in industrial design, and puts special emphasis on the multidisciplinary character of the field. The program is intended for applicants who wish to pursue academic careers in industrial design, and for those who wish to develop design-related research and organizational skills for their professional career.

In addition to industrial design graduates, the program welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, such as other fields of design, the fields of engineering, management and social sciences. Graduates of other disciplines are required to follow a deficiency program, which involves undergraduate courses through which they develop an understanding of the industrial design activity, including the terminology, techniques, and communication skills.


First Semester

  • ID 503 Research Methods in Industrial Design I (3-0)3
  • 3 elective courses

Second Semester

  • ID 501 Advanced Project Development in Industrial Design (3-6)6
  • 2 elective courses

Third Semester

  • ID 500 M.S. Thesis NC
  • ID 592 Graduate Seminars in Industrial Design (0-2)NC

Fourth Semester

  • ID 500 M.S. Thesis NC

Total minimum credit: 24
Number of courses with credit (min.): 7

PhD in Industrial Design


The Department offers a Ph.D. Program in Industrial Design for applicants with a Master’s degree, and an Integrated Ph.D. Program in Industrial Design for those with a Bachelor’s degree. The programs are offered to applicants seeking an academic career in industrial design and are research oriented. The Ph.D. thesis aims at a comprehensive and explicit account of the conduct and findings of an original research study. A critical appraisal of prior research, and close attention to the principles and practice of research methodology are essential. The conduct of a single, major systematic investigation and the delivery of an original and substantial contribution to knowledge are required.

The Ph.D. program is a total of four years for those who hold a Master’s degree. The students are expected to complete their courses within four semesters, and to take the doctoral qualifying examination on their fifth semester, and their thesis proposal defense the following semester. Students who pass their defense present their research work once every semester to the Thesis Supervising Committee until the thesis is completed.


  • ID 503 Research Methods in Industrial Design I (3-0)3
  • ID 600 Ph.D. Thesis NC
  • 7 elective courses

Total minimum credit: 21
Number of courses with credit (min): 7

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