Res. Assist.

Nagihan Tuna




Research Interests

IoT, object persona, design fiction, non-anthropocentric design, design insights, design for the future, design for wellbeing


Ph.D. (2014-ongoing), Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
MSc (2016-2019), Information Systems, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
MSc (2012-2014), Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
BSc (2008-2012), Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
• Erasmus Exchange Student (2015), Design School, Loughborough University, UK
• Erasmus Exchange Student (2011), Design Engineering, University of Valladolid, Spain

Conference Papers

• Tuna, N., Caglar, E. (2019). An exploratory study for provocative prototypes: Creating Personas. DRS Learn X Design 2019, 9-12 July, Ankara, Turkey.

• Tuna, N., Hasdogan, G. (2018). Nesnelerin interneti için kurgusal tasarım. UTAK ‘18, 12-14 September, Ankara, Turkey

• Tuna, N. (2018). Nesnelerin internetinin diyet takibi uygulamalarına etkisi. STS Turkey, 10-11 September, Ankara, Turkey.

• Tuna, N., Caglar, E. (2018). Thematic analysis of online comments for design researchers to contribute to autonomous technologies. Sider ’18, 18-19 May, Helsinki, Finland.

• Tuna, N. (2016). Mock-up tools for creating user interfaces. 10th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, 25-27 February, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

• Tuna, N., Kaygan, P. (2015). Ürünlerin cinsiyeti ve tasarım. Arredamento Mimarlık (295): 110-118.

• Tuna, N., Şener, B. 2015. An investigation of diet apps for enhancing people’s health and wellbeing. Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED), 27-30 July 2015, Milan, Italy.

• Tuna, N., Kaygan, H. (2014). Beyond prevention: Exploring the new technologies of graffiti. 5T: Design and Resistance, 15–16 May 2014, Izmir, Turkey


• “Blatant Fabrications: A Quick AI Powered Design Fiction Workshop”, Facilitated by Emre Çağlar and Nagihan Tuna, July 10, 2019, DRS Learn X Design 2019, Ankara, Turkey.

• “Tasarım Kurgusu Kullanarak Kullanım Bilgisi Toplama ve Tasarım Öngörüleri Oluşturma”, Facilitated by Nagihan Tuna and Emre Çağlar, September 12 2018, UTAK 2018 3. Ulusal Tasarım Araştırmaları Konferansı, Ankara, Turkey.


Teaching Assistant (2013 – ongoing), Middle East Technical University, Ankara

  • ID 101 Basic Design I
  • ID 121 Introduction to Industrial Design
  • ID 201 Industrial Design I
  • ID 202 Industrial Design II
  • ID 321 Design and Culture
  • ID 402 Graduation Project
  • ID 480 Introduction to Design Management
  • ID 495 Portfolio Presentation
  • ID 290 Elementary Workshop Practice,
  • ID 390 Computer Literacy In Design

Interaction Designer (2012 – 2013), ePttAVM – Designing 3D shops in which avatars can interact with goods for online shopping


• Tohum (2013), ASD Packaging Design Competition, First Rank
• Tohum (2013), World Star Student International Packaging Design, Certificate of Merit • Sail Line (2013), BKG Product Design Competition, First Rank
• Slim (2013), Mondi Tire Kutusan Design Competition, Second Rank
• Güldür (2015), ASD Packaging Design Competition, Certificate of Recognition