We love to demand everything without facilitating the foundation for technology, without being acquainted with its patience and human resources, without paying its price. We, as a society, are not even aware of the price we pay by ignoring the fact that creative ideas are a form of human intelligence. We are simply resisting against the notion of valuing “our people and culture”, which is crucial to raise qualified human resource to achieve innovation.

This book is the first in bringing together the notion of innovation in line with R&D and Design, and the facts of Turkey. By facing these realities, this book demonstrates the solution is not hard to achieve, if we put enough patience, belief and trust in our people.

The writer, Dr. Hakan Gürsu, has 30+ years of experience in teaching at METU Department of Industrial Design, and has won 91 international design awards over the last 7 years along with Designnobis, the Design/Innovation office he founded. Apart from thousands of students he educated, the work he has done as an extraordinary illustrator, thinker, designer and idea-generator, caught the attention of the world. He has given more than 200 seminars on innovation, design, R&D and creative thinking.