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Workshop: Talking Things

Design Fiction Works research group is conducting a new workshop. What if the things you use could talk and tell their stories? Would you mind lending an ear to them? In this workshop, we will be using sensor data to talk with objects.   Workshop will take place in the [...]


Success of our graduate!

Our recent graduate Deniz Yanık is the Winner! Our recent graduate Deniz Yanık is the Winner! Our recent graduate Deniz Yanık, who is the regional Winner of the TÜBİTAK (Scientific Council of Turkey)’s University Students’ Research Projects Competition in ‘Healtcare’ category earlier this year, received another winner’s prize! Deniz competed with [...]


Workshop: Organic Design

Design Fiction Works research group is conducting a new workshop! What will happen when organic tissue is material for product designers? In this workshop, we will be using design fiction to think about unfamiliar futures, by generating science-fiction artifacts. On October 5, in METU ID. Learn more and apply through [...]


UTAK 2020 – 4. National Design Research Conference

  UTAK 2020, 4. Ulusal Tasarım Araştırmaları Konferansının 8-9-10 Eylül 2020 tarihleri arasında Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesinde gerçekleştirileceğini bildirmekten heyecan duyuyoruz. Konferansın “Tasarım ve Öngörü” olarak belirlenen ana teması çerçevesinde, araştırma, uygulama ve eğitim alanlarındaki çalışmalarınızı paylaşmak üzere sizlerle bir araya gelebilmeyi bekliyoruz. Konferansımızın web sayfasına adresinden erişebilirsiniz. Konferans [...]


A Seminar by Sedef Süner-Pla Cerda: “Designing with Children: Methods and Guides”

Our graduate and the head of TEDU Department of Industrial Design Sedef Süner-Pla Cerda, will be giving a seminar titled "Designing with Children, Methods and Guides”, as part of the ID 301 course. All interested are kindly invited to Kubbealtı on Sep 26th, Thursday at 13:40.


The First Lecture of the Academic Year: “On the Act of Designing”

One of the first academic members of our department Ali Günöven will be giving the opening lecture of the academic year. All interested in the lecture titled "On the Act of Designing" are kindly invited to Architecture Auditorium on September 23th, Monday between 12:30 and 13:30.


Success of our graduate!

Our 2004 graduate Hale (Turancı) Selek rewarded with IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) Young Educator Award. IDSA Awards is a collection of awards presented in recognition of significant contribution to the Society or the industrial design profession, excellence in academic advancement, or personal achievement. Young educator of the year [...]


Fifty/Forty Years of Industrial Design Education at METU

The year 2019 is the anniversary of two important developments in the industrial design education history of Turkey; in this year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first industrial design course in our country and the 40th anniversary of the foundation of our department. The celebration events started with [...]


DRS Learn X Design 2019 was hosted by METU Industrial Design Department

The fifth annual DRS Pedagogy SIG Learn X Design conference, Insider Knowledge, was held between July 9-12 at Middle East Technical University. The conference hosted 150 delegates from 81 institutions in 31 countries, highlighting the continued interest in design education research around the world. In all, 87 papers and 6 workshops [...]