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Pre-assessment results and examination announcement for research assistant positions

Pre-assessment results for the nine research assistantship positions for the Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design, announced in 31 December 2018, are below. Listed applicants will take the written examination. Pre-assessment results: Candidates are expected to attend to the written exam, specified below: Date: 20 February 2019 Place: [...]


Two scenarios from ID 403 Collaborative Design course

In 2018-19 Fall semester in Collaborative Design our students designed innovative food package for use contexts “away from home”, in collaboration with students from departments of Food Engineering and Business Administration. In the final presentations of the course, which focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration, four teams presented the food packages [...]


“Now What?” by Fulden Dehneli

Fulden Dehneli, a graduate from our department and industrial designer at Electrolux, will be giving a seminar titled “Now What?” on January 3rd, 2019 in Kubbealtı. Join us to share her experiences and ask your questions. Fulden Dehneli is an awarded and globally recognized industrial designer who follows her passion [...]


METU Department of Industrial Design was at Dubai Global Grad Show

Dubai Global Grad Show which has been organized since 2015, was attended by almost 100 schools form 45 countries this year. 150 projects were exhibited to a wide range of international audience via 3D models and short videos. The exhibition also became a global student meeting with a large attendance. [...]


Design Turkey 2018 Awards

Congratulations to our students, alumni and academic staff who were selected for Good Design, Superior Design and Conceptual Design Awards in Design Turkey 2018!