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Industrial designers are the creative agents and facilitators of change who develop products and systems which are inspirational and creative.

Industrial designers are the creative agents and facilitators of change who develop products and systems which are inspirational and creative, which offer an aesthetic experience to the user, engage the user with its functional and interactional qualities, empower and enable the user, allow personalization, evolve in accordance with changing needs and preferences, promote local resources, knowledge and skills,  and use resources such as materials, energy and water effectively during the production and use phases. In realizing these products and systems, industrial designers may integrate various scales and approaches of production, spanning batch or mass production, craft, do-it-yourself and open design.

Industrial designers focus on the whole product lifespan by taking into account individual, social, cultural, environmental, technical and economic considerations. Industrial design expertise involves exploring and understanding user behavior and user needs so as to incorporate local knowledge; applying foresight to predict usage and interaction scenarios that lead to positive user experiences; reflecting on areas in need of change through developing inspirational and enduring products; extending the lifespan of products through enabling product repair, re-use and recovery; and encouraging responsible means of production and use considering the Earth’s limited resources.

In order to bridge the gap between product development and product use, industrial designers benefit from various human-centered design research methods. These range from exploratory and evaluative methods such as observation, interviews and focus groups, to generative and participatory methods such as design workshops, 2D and 3D collages, Velcro modeling and user diaries.

The services provided by industrial designers as consultants or in-house professionals are sought by private companies specializing in various sectors including electrical household appliances, medical equipment, consumer electronics, sanitaryware, cookware and tableware, personal accessories, packaging, home and office furniture, city furniture, lighting and transportation. Non-governmental organizations, public institutions and governmental bodies also have potential to benefit from the expertise of industrial designers.

A leading provider of undergraduate industrial design education and a pioneer in its field, METU Department of Industrial Design attracts students with the most competitive profile in Turkey.

A leading provider of undergraduate industrial design education and a pioneer in its field, METU Department of Industrial Design attracts students with the most competitive profile in Turkey. The Department features an educational approach which encourages critical and reflective thinking. Design studios, where student projects are conducted in collaboration with local, national and international partners from diverse sectors, and the open jury system are the core elements of our education. The Graduation Projects Exhibitions, staged every year since 2002, has exhibited student projects advised by around one hundred different participating firms. In recent years, the Department has also taken significant steps towards integrating design considerations for sustainability into its educational approach. We are committed to empower our graduates to become creative, visionary, socially and environmentally aware members of the local and global professional design community.

The aim of the graduate programs at METU Industrial Design is the generation and dissemination of designerly knowledge, tools, techniques and methods based on design research. Our graduate programs have contributed to the training of design researchers who have had significant impact on academia and industry in Turkey and abroad. Since 2003, the METU/BILTIR UTEST Product Usability Unit has been supporting industry-funded research projects carried out by graduate students of the Department. In addition to pursuing research projects funded by the industry or the government, our graduate students integrate the educational environment of the design studios into their research practice with the purpose of developing tools, techniques and methods for improving industrial design education and practice.

Lisansüstü programlarımızın amacı, tasarım araştırmasına dayalı ve tasarıma özel bilgi, araç, teknik ve yöntemlerin geliştirilmesi ve yaygınlaştırılmasıdır. Lisansüstü programlarımız, yurtiçinde ve yurtdışında akademi ve endüstri üzerinde etkili tasarım araştırmacılarının yetiştirilmesine katkıda bulunmuştur. ODTÜ/BİLTİR-ÜTEST Ürün Kullanımı Test Birimi, 2003 yılından bu yana endüstri destekli araştırma projelerinde lisansüstü öğrencilerimizin yer almalarını desteklemektedir. Delft Teknoloji Üniversitesi'yle ortak yürütülen Etkileşim için Tasarım Araştırması programı, kullanıcı-ürün etkileşimi için tasarım ve araştırma alanında uzmanlaşmayı destekleyerek uluslararası akademik işbirliği ve etkileşim açısından önemli fırsatlar yaratmıştır. Endüstri veya kamu destekli araştırma projelerinin yanı sıra, lisansüstü öğrencilerimiz tasarım eğitimini ve pratiğini iyileştirmeye yönelik araç, teknik ve yöntemlerin geliştirilmesi amacıyla araştırma ortamı olarak tasarım stüdyolarını da tez çalışmalarına katmaktadırlar.

The Department has international student and staff exchange agreements with design schools across the world, including Australia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA. We are active participants in local design events, competitions, fairs and exhibitions as well as international design events, research symposia and design networks, having regularly hosted international workshops with partner schools from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Israel and the Netherlands. Our graduates contribute to the design of products and systems with local and global impact, and fulfil academic leadership positions at industrial design departments across Turkey. METU is recognized globally as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Turkey; our department has been ranked among top design institutions in Red Dot Design Rankings and among Europe’s Top 100 Architecture and Design Schools by the Domus Magazine. 

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