Research Areas

Design cultures and theory

Material culture and consumption; design cultures in Turkey; gender, technology and design; theories of design; science and technology studies and design; (post)phenomenological perspectives in design.

Design education

University-industry collaboration; virtual tools in design education; design thinking; multi-, inter- and transmultidisciplinary design education; participatory tools in design education.

Design management

Designers’ roles in Turkish industry; multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration in design; design teams and teamwork; design protection.

Design methods and strategies

Concept generation tools; generative methods; participatory methods; evidence-based evaluation methods; product improvement strategies; visual narratives.

History of design

History of industrial design; Turkish design policy; design discourses in Turkey; design cultures in Turkey.

Social design and sustainability

Sustainability in Turkish industry; product-service system design; post-use design thinking; design for social innovation; transition design; design activism; participatory design; co-design; open design.

Design management

Designers’ roles in Turkish industry, design consultancy in Turkey, interdisciplinary collaboration in design, design teams and teamwork, supplier involvement in design, gender issues in design practice.

User-centered design

User-centered design; user experience design and research; usability; interface design; interaction design; materials experience.