METU/BILTIR-UTEST Product Usability Unit

METU/BILTIR Product Usability Unit is a not-for-profit research unit that carries out user-centered design research studies by focusing on user values and needs. UTEST merges an academic infrastructure with design practice to develop methods, tools, and academic know-how and to provide design research consultancy for product developers. UTEST was established as the first independent Product Usability Unit in Turkey. Since its establishment, UTEST has been a prominent contributor to the development of usability activities and user-centered design studies in Turkey.

Members: Gülşen Töre Yargın, Güzin Şen, Semih Danış, Aslıhan Tokat, Mert Kulaksız

SustainDRL Research Group

The SustainDRL research team within YTM-MATPUM, Research and Implementation Centre for Built Environment and Design, aims to develop and apply innovative research methods and tools in the field of design for sustainability. The research topics involve localisation, personalisation and upgrading, product attachment and longevity, effective use of resources and sustainable behaviour change adopting evolving design, open design, inclusive design, co-design, and circular economy approaches in design research projects. The researchers in the SustainDRL have developed and incorporated several generative design research methods and idea generation tools, such as Experience Reflection Modelling (ERM), Biomimicry Sketch Analysis (BSA), Designing for User Intentions (DUI) and Generative Focus Group (GFG), enabling a more in-depth exploration and understanding of sustainability considerations in both design education and research projects. SustainDRL research team develops different project proposals and carries out relevant research projects in the field of design for sustainability, including Research & Development projects through METU Technology and Transfer Office (TTO) and TÜBİTAK programs. Research findings and insights have been shared through many national and international publications and events.

Members: Çağla Doğan, Senem Turhan, Dilruba Oğur, Yekta Bakırlıoğlu

Design Studio Research Group

Design Studio Research Group explores alternative histories, theories and methodologies of design studio education.

Members: Gülay Hasdoğan, Naz A.G.Z. Börekçi, Fatma Korkut

User Experiences and Interfaces (UXI) Research Group

The User Experiences and Interfaces (UXI) Research Group investigates improvements and innovations in products, mobile applications, services and systems from a user interaction perspective.

Members: Owain Pedgley, Bahar Şener-Pedgley, Evren Akar