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Dear Students,

Summer internships are carried out with the aim of improving your skills in adapting the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills you have gained during your education to professional practice areas and providing you with experience in professional practices and the way different disciplines work together in these practices. In this regard, ID 290, ID 390 and ID 490 summer practices, which are an important part of our training program, are carried out in line with the explanations in the regarding internship page.

Social Security: With the legal regulation made in 2008, Social Security Registration Number (T.R. Identification Number or foreign national identification number) and Insured Employment Document will be issued to students who study in relevant departments of universities and are obliged to do a compulsory summer internship and they will be insured during the internship.


The students who will do ID 390 and ID 490 internships should inform the relevant internship coordinator two months in advance of the place and the date of their internship (within the framework of the explanations below) and submit the necessary information and documents for insurance transactions.

Internship cannot be done without filling the Insured Employment Notice, even if it is done, it will not be accepted. 

Registrations for Summer Practice Courses should be made in the semester following the completion of the internship.

ID290 Elementary Workshop Practice and Computer Literacy in Design

ID290 Summer Practice is organized for the Students passing from the first year to the second year and takes four weeks. This process includes basic knowledge of physical and digital modeling techniques, materials processing methods and occupational safety and health in workshop practices, as well as hands-on exercises.

ID390 Summer Practice in a Production Establishment

ID390 Summer Practice targets the students passing from the second year to the third year and takes 4 weeks. During the ID390 Summer Practice, the students are required to make observations on manufacturing processes in a manufacturing company or establishment and present their observations and experience in the form of a report to the Department.

ID490 Summer Practice in a Design Office

ID490 Summer Practice targets the students passing from the third year to the fourth year and takes 6 weeks. During the ID490 Summer Practice, the students are required to monitor the work done in a design office or a research center and reflect their experiences and observations to their reports. 

Summer Internship Documents

Information about Summer Practices

ID390 Summer Internship Form

ID390 Summer Internship Evaluation Form

ID490 Summer Internship Form

ID490 Summer Internship Evaluation Form

Summer Internship Insurance Form_Who receive health services

Summer Internship Insurance Form_Who do not receive health services

ID390 Production Internship Report Format

ID490 Office Internship Report Format