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ID490 Summer Internship Form

Summer Internship Insurance Form_Who receive health services

Summer Internship Insurance Form_Who do not receive health services

ID490 Summer Internship Evaluation Form

ID490 Office Internship Report Format


A) Internship period: Six weeks (30 working days)

  1. At least 15 working days of the 30-working day internship must be completed physically.

  2. If a student would like to do this internship in different design offices, this period can be divided into two parts at most. Each part must be at least 15 business days. 

  3. A fully online internship can only be accepted, if a student does the internship abroad in a design office that will be accepted by the internship coordinators. Therefore, the student has to consult the internship coordinators and the coordinators have to approve this online internship..

  4. If a student wants to do another internship after completing the compulsory internship, he/she can do it as a voluntary internship. This must be clearly stated in the insurance form filled by the student.

  5. If a student wants to do an internship for more than compulsory days, the student's insurance can be provided for a maximum of 60 days.

  6. For the students who will graduate and have not completed their internship, these students can complete their internship under the following conditions.

    1. The graduation project course must not be taken. 

    2. There must be at least 3 free days in the course schedule.

    3. There should not be more than 2 courses other than the graduation project, and these courses must be included within two days in the weekly program.

  7. For other situations, please consult the Internship Coordinators.

B) Internship Location: This internship can be done in domestic or abroad R&D Units and Design Offices, which are approved by the Internship Coordinator. When applying for internships, students are recommended to focus on the Design Offices or R&D Units where multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary teamwork is carried out.

If they wish, students can fulfill their internship obligations in two different workplaces. See article A for the conditions for doing the internship in two different workplaces.

C) Internship Duration, Start and End Dates: Design Office Internship is held during the holiday period between the end of the Spring Semester final exams and the beginning of the Fall Semester classes.

It is acceptable for students who have completed their 7th semester but have not yet fulfilled their internship obligation to do their internship during the holiday period between the Fall and Spring Semesters, with the approval of the Department Head.

The start and end dates of internships are determined jointly by the student and the institution/organization where the internship takes place, and public holidays are not included when calculating the internship period. If Saturdays are also working days at the internship site, this must be stated on the Internship Form. Internship start and end dates must be working days.

If the internships are carried out in two different workplaces, a gap of at least one working day must be left between the end day of the first part internship and the start day of the second part internship in order to complete the insurance entry-exit procedures.

D) Scope: Students who have passed from third grade to fourth grade and have not fulfilled these internship obligations in previous years.

E) Aim: To monitor the work done in design offices and research centers and reflect them to the reports.

F) Process:

  1. The students will determine their internship place(s) and inform the internship coordinator. When the internship place proposal is deemed appropriate, the ID490 Summer Internship Form is filled by the student, approved by the internship company and delivered to the internship coordinator. If it is not found suitable by the coordinator, a new internship place will be determined with the same method. (Related forms can be found at

  2. The student fills in the Summer Internship Insurance Form at the latest 15 days before the internship start date and submits it to the Faculty Student Affairs Office.  The Insurance Form of students whose Summer Internship Form has not been approved will not be received and insurance will not be processed. After the delivery of this document, the place and dates of the internship are notified to the relevant unit of the Rectorate, and the student's insurance procedures are started. The student must check the employment declaration via e-government on the start day of the internship.

  3. Within the scope of the internship, students should reflect the observed design and R&D processes to their reports in detail and get the approval of the relevant institution. For this reason, it is expected to be in contact with the authorities in the internship places, to take critiques and to reflect the received opinions and suggestions to the report

  4. Students cannot take leave during the internship period. If a medical certificate is received due to health problems, the student must report the medical certificate to the Internship Coordinator as well as to the institution where the internship is performed, and must continue the internship on the first working day after the last day of the report and complete the required period. Report time is not included in the internship period.

  5. The evaluation of the student who completes the internship is made by filling out the ID490 Summer Internship Evaluation Form by the institution official responsible for him/her during the internship, and the evaluation form is delivered to the Internship Coordinator in hard copy or digital form.

If the original copy of the evaluation form with wet signature is to be delivered, it must be delivered in a sealed envelope to the Internship Coordinator by mail or by hand through the student.

If the evaluation form will be delivered digitally via e-mail, after the form is signed, it must be sent in PDF format from an official email account belonging to the company / organization where the internship is done.

If the evaluation form is sent by post or e-mail, students are advised to check whether the form has reached the Internship Coordinator.

  1. Students prepare their internship reports according to the ID490 Internship Report Format and submit them digitally in pdf format via ODTUClass at the beginning of the semester following the internship (until the end of the add-drop period).

The internship report format can be accessed from the internship section of the department website. (Relevant forms can be accessed at

  1. During the evaluation, internships that cannot be determined when and where they are done and for which Insured Employment Notice are not filled are not taken into consideration. 

  2. In the evaluation made by the internship committee, if the internship report does not contain information that meets the headings in the Internship Report Format, students are asked to revise their reports or to give seminars on their internships on the days to be announced. If the student does not make the requested revisions or does not attend the seminar, the report will not be evaluated.

  3. The students whose reports are not evaluated and whose studies are not found sufficient have to repeat their internship. In this case, it is not necessary to do the internship at the same institution.

Our students are required to fulfill their responsibilities within the framework of the above explanations and the internship, which is mandatory every year, must be done within the prescribed year.

Note 1: Internship applications to Public and Private Institutions can be made between January and April. Our students should take this situation into consideration and make their applications on time.

Note 2: The students who would like to do their ID390 and ID490 internship within the scope of Erasmus can find the necessary information in the link below.