As part of research and education activities, METU Department of Industrial Design shares the services provided by the Faculty Computing Unit for computer aided design, image processing, multi-media presentation, desktop publishing and data analysis applications; and the Faculty Information and Documentation Unit for visual teaching materials and publications. The Department uses the Faculty wood, metal, plastics, ceramics workshops and the rapid prototyping facility for model making applications, and the graphic arts workshop for print-making and photographic prints.


The design studio courses, taking 12 hours per week each semester, constitute the core of the undergraduate education at the Department of Industrial Design. These courses, which aim to deliver professional education via hands-on practice, are conducted in a studio environment. All studios in the Department are spacious and well lit, thanks to the tall side windows and the ceiling windows, and therefore well-suited to visual practice. Each year has its own studio, in which students can work in their own personal work spaces. Students can present and exhibit their research outcomes and design development on the boards covering the walls or on the mobile panels that can be found in each studio.


Model Workshop

The Faculty of Architecture provides the students and academic staff with a Model Making Workshop where they carry out their form and detail development activities and produce models and prototypes as part of their research and education programs. In addition to tools and equipment for traditional production techniques, such as woodworks, metalwork and ceramics, high-tech CAM systems, such as 3d printers, a laser cutter and a 3d router (milling machine), are available in the Workshop.

The model making workshop consists of five separate areas: Wood Workshop, Metal Workshop, Student Work Area, CAM Studio and Ceramics Studio.

As a part of the formal educational program, the Department of Industrial Design organizes a summer practice for the first year students in order to demonstrate the basic 3D physical model making techniques, and to equip them with the required knowledge and experience to use the model making workshop safely and effectively.


Computer Workshop

The Faculty of Architecture Computer Lab includes a flexible-size classroom, computers for students, meeting area and a common open study area with power outlets.