Recent Industrial Design PhD graduate Dr Sultan Kaygın Sel has been invited to Cebit 2014 in Istanbul, by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, to exhibit her All-in-One (AIO) PC Mass Customization Project. The project formed part of her practice-based PhD study and was supported by the Ministry through its SAN-TEZ grant scheme, bringing a collaboration between the Ministry, Vestel Electronics, and Middle East Technical University. Project coordination was made between Dr Sultan Kaygın Sel (Vestel) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Owain Pedgley (METU). The project has received several design awards from international competitions and took the attention of different user groups at the exhibition. The AIO PC project, designed within a new framework of mass customization principles, fulfills specific user groups’ needs in better ways but maintains feasibility of mass production. The main challenge in the project was to bring about a design that could fulfill the varied needs of four distinct user groups. Three main customization items were defined and used as a basis for differentiating the product for the four user groups: (i) screen sharing, (ii) screen height adjustment, and (iii) keyboard-calculator combination. A customizable secondary screen module can be attached, whilst a unique customizable keyboard-calculator combination is proposed.

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