METU Industrial Design fourth year students have recently completed an ambitious project with Profilo, the Turkish brand of Bosch Siemens Hausgerate (BSH), to design appliances for the future home. Five product concepts were selected for exhibition at Munich Creative Business Week between 11-12 February 2012. Munich Council General and Commercial Attache visited the opening of the exhibition which took place in Literaturhaus. The projects were presented by 16 Design Students and three members of staff from the Department of Industrial Design. The theme was “home heroes”: products that can come to the rescue in our homes and save us effort and time in household tasks. The project was conducted in the ID401 Industrial Design V studio and lasted approximately two months. A comprehensive catalogue has been produced to showcase the project, which also includes related future scenarios developed by third year students for their ID301 Industrial Design III course. An animated video was presented in the exhibition showing the modelled products in a future home. For the video For the press news: GroupID=3078&ArticleID=49404737&SearchKey=&ActiveYear=2012 For the TV Programme: 017B4172E71D.wmv

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