Student projects from spring semester, 2018! In this semester, we worked on industrial product presentations using new technologies. Starting from pen and paper, we generated interactive presentations using video and touch screens. We tested the working interfaces and mechanical parts of our products using virtual and augmented reality. We gained lots of experience on scale and usability.

NILA, Bicycle Renting Kiosk
Nilsu Sütcü & Damla Kıvılcım Demir

BARISTA, 3rd Generation Coffee Vending Machine
Seren Sandıkçı &  Kemal Sarıkaya

Sima Demir &  Irem Taşcı

SHUTTER, Natural Light Control System
Mert Ozan Katipoglu

HEALTYWICH, Healthy Sandwich Vending Machine for City Centers
Kaan Uğur & Emre Yeşil

HOLLOW-EX, A New Experience in Exhibitions
Sıla Keskin & Salih Ege Savcı

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