The project “Sustainable solutions integrating bathroom accessories with bathroom tiles” which was conducted at METU in collaboration with Kaleseramik received third prize in “Social Benefits” in the Turkish European Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. The award winning project was carried out during the fall of 2011 in the third year industrial design studio and involved 42 students. The project focused on reintegrating bathroom tiles with ceramic bathroom accessories, and explored the potential of personalization and design informed by nature approaches to develop sustainable design solutions. The project catalog can be reached at following link: The European Corporate Social Responsibility Award Scheme focuses on successful partnerships between business and non-business organisations with particular emphasis on collaborative programs that tackle sustainability through innovation. The award scheme is funded by the European Commission and delivered by a consortium of 29 national CSR organisations. The Turkish European CSR Awards have been organized by the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey. 62 projects from 50 corporations applied for the award, and under nine topics 25 projects were awarded by the jury. European Corporate Social Responsibility Award: Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey:

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