Department of Industrial Design staff member Dr Owain Pedgley recently completed his major book collaboration with Dr Elvin Karana (TUDelft) and Dr Valentina Rognoli (Politecnico di Milano). The 400-page publication entitled ‘Materials Experience: Fundamentals of Materials and Design’ is published internationally by Elsevier. It brings together chapters from 24 authors and interviews with 8 designers, with the unique aim of uncovering the vitality of materials in affecting people’s appreciation of products and in positively affecting user experiences. ‘Materials Experience’ systematically explores not only how people react to the varied physical material properties of things, but also to the diverse expertise that designers must possess if they are to positively influence people’s material appraisals. Professor Mike Ashby (University of Cambridge) prepared the Foreword to the book, whilst Professor Ezio Manzini (Politecnico di Milano) provided a back cover endorsement – underlining the prestigious nature of the publication. Karana E., Pedgley O. & Rognoli V. (Eds.) (2013), Materials Experience: Fundamentals of Materials and Design, Oxford: Elsevier.

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