Six of the office lounge chairs, which were designed as a result of university and industry collaboration, are to be produced

METU Department of Industrial Design carried out the “Office Lounge Chair Project” in senior year studio class, in 2011-12 Fall semester, in collaboration with OMSİAD (Office Furniture Industry and Business Men Foundation). With the participation of 38 students, at the end of the 6-week-project, 11 OMSİAD-member firms prototyped 19 final results. The final results, along with the prototypes, were exhibited in Officexpo fair in Istanbul between January 31 – February 4. The six firms which gave support to prototyping, signed an agreement with six students for realizing their projects.

These students, firms and students’ project names:

Gökçe Altun – Rapido (Hang-on)
Yasemin Efe – Bamos (Tulip)
Itır Güngör – Casella (Z-Chair)
Gamze İskender – Caris (Genuine ‘ngons)
Göksu Kaçaroğlu – Sempre (Hug)
Ayşe Buse Üstün – Veluna (Choice)

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