A selection of this year`s graduate projects will be exhibited between December 3rd and 5th, 2015, at “Istanbul Congress Center” as a part of Turkey Innovation Week.

Projects exhibited:

Evo-core by Akın Köse – Reusable electronic biopsy device and supportive accessories for easier operations.

VeiNeo by Esra Uzel – Portable vein reader for the sclerotherapy treatment of varicose veins by providing a one-handed operation

Securemax by Oğuzhan Topçuoğlu – Knowledge transformation and security control system for coal miners

VitaLink by Gizem Öncü – Wearable device for coal miners to communicate in cases of emergency

Zest by Ahou Naghshafkan – Modular cooking unit that unites the acts of cooking and eating and turns them into a social activity

Bloom by Yara Al Husaini – Smart system that tracks infants` nutritional routine while supporting the parents` feeding process

Sprout by Sezgi Kaya – Indoor hydroponic plant cultivator with assistive features that allow users to grow organic food

TransSlide by Taha Celal Yıldırım – Stretcher that eases the process of loteral transfer for both patient and caregiver

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