As a part of ID480 Design Management course, Özge Özdemir will give a seminar titled "Generating Design Briefs in the Automotive Industry". The seminar will happen at Kubbealtı at the Faculty of Architecture on 29th March 2023, Wednesday, between 15.00-16.00. We invite everyone interested to join us. For those who want to attend via Zoom, please send a message to

Özge Özdemir graduated from the Middle East Technical University Department of Industrial Design in 2016. After her bachelor's graduation, she wanted to work in the service design field that she first met at TUDelft while she participated in Erasmus Programme. She had the opportunity to start her professional career as a service designer at the department of Customer Experience in the TOFAŞ Headoffice in 2017. During her conducting projects, she realized the difficulty of generating design briefs with multidisciplinary departments at a multinational company, and her thesis on ‘Generating Design Brief within Multidisciplinary Multination Organization: A case in the Turkish Automobile Industry’ was published in 2020. With her human-centered design approach, she had the opportunity to work as an employee experience designer at Koç Holding in the switch program. Then, she changed her role to expand her design perspective at Tofaş. Currently, she is working as a Mobility Services supervisor at Tofaş Headoffice.

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