Oscar Tomico, from TUe, the Netherlands will present a seminar entitled “Close to the Body” at METU Faculty of Architecture in Kubbealtı on the 12th April 2013 Friday at 12:30. Abstract: The appearance of smart textile technology leads to completely new possibilities to design for human wellbeing. At the Eindhoven University of Technology, department of Industrial Design, the Wearable Senses theme explores this emergent design space in a cooperative effort between education, research and industry. We found this calls for a new design practice. A practice that acknowledges that textiles are an intimate and central element in daily life, completely interwoven with our conscious and unconscious behavior and identity. A practice that exhibits a sensitivity to embodied interaction, acknowledges the importance of posture and movement, and appreciates the 1st person perspective. A practice that confronts the practicalities of integrating the worlds of electronics, fashion, manufacturing and design.

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