For the first time this year, Turkey is involved in the international James Dyson Awards. The national winner and national runner-ups are given their awards on November 16, 2022 in Istanbul. Two projects developed by METU Industrial Design graduates are awarded one as the national winner and the other as the national runner-up. The "PhysioCircle" project, designed by our graduate and master's student Selami Erdoğan was awarded with £5,000 as the national winner of the Turkish leg of the 2022 James Dyson Award. Physiocircle enables the correct and effective application of the chest physiotherapy method to patients by physiotherapists or their relatives. "Kikkis" project, developed by our graduates İrem Bayram, Açılay İpek and Leven Eldem, received the national runner-up award. Kikkis is an orange-based biocomposite with 100% natural content. It can replace petrochemical materials and is suitable for additive manufacturing. It can be used in the manufacture of decorative items. We congratulate our graduates and wish them continued success.

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21/11/2022 - 20:46