In 2018-19 Fall semester in Collaborative Design our students designed innovative food package for use contexts "away from home", in collaboration with students from departments of Food Engineering and Business Administration. In the final presentations of the course, which focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration, four teams presented the food packages they developed for various user groups. The videos that demonstrate the use scenario of two projects can be accessed via the links below.


Promix is an healthy drink for sportspeople to consume in a fast and easy way by instant mixing after workout. Designed by Açılay İpek (Industrial Design), Ayşe Sultan Kurt (Food Engineering), Elif Dilara Bora (Industrial Design), Mahmut Emre Tekeli (Business Administration).


Lupa offers nuts and dried fruit for children to encourage them to eat healthy snacks outside and pique their curiosity about story of the food. Designed by Defne Küçükmustafa (Business Administration), Elif Oğuz (Industrial Design), Melodi Evliya (Food Engineering), Özge Kayaaslan (Industrial Design).

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