The 30th ETAK (Academic Council of Industrial Design Departments) meeting was held on the 1st July 2022 at Eskişehir Technical University (ESTU). Our Department Head, Gülay Hasdoğan, representing METU, attended the meeting. The program started with the opening speeches of ESTU Rector Tuncay Döğeroğu, Vice-Rector Gürsoy Arslan, Dean of Architecture and Design Faculty Osman Tutal and Head of Industrial Design Department Duysal Tütüncü Demirbaş and continued with the presentations of ETMK student representatives from 15 Industrial Design Departments. In the presentation attended by Beyzanur Üstün from METU as a representative, the students expressed their problems in education based on the results of the survey they conducted. In the afternoon, the Industrial Design Accreditation Board (ENTAK) which is chaired by our department head Gülay Hasdoğan, Introductory Workshop for programs was held.

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