Part-Time Instructor

Pelin Bilgin







She started attending METU Industrial Design Department in 2014. In 2017, she went to Milan with the Erasmus Exchange Program. She graduated from METU Industrial Design Department in 2018 with the third rank. Then, she started her graduate studies in the field of "Sustainable Design" at METU. She completed her thesis on "Design Directions for Product Attachment and Sustainability Through Enabling User Involvement". Simultaneously, she started working as a designer at "K.Studio". In 2020, she joined "Geodo Technology", which was founded with the support of Tübitak and based in METU Technopolis, as the founding partner and design leader. In parallel, she carries out design activities under "Tive Creative" together with his partner. She was granted awards in international design competitions such as "IDA" and "A Design" for her design work.

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23/11/2022 - 01:19