In Design Turkey Product Design Awards category, our graduates and teams including our graduates were given 3 superior, 8 good and 2 conceptual design awards. In Conceptual Design Awards category in which the ideas that will guide the industry for future are evaluated, half of the 18 awards were given to our students. 7 of them were developed in the context of graduation projects. Names of the students and their projects are as follows: Deniz Yanık “Voxee”, Sima Demir “Cloudin”, Koray Canlar “Embrace”, Selen Naz Sarıtaş “Omilu”, Aybüke Ülker Ercan “Sobe”, Eren Dönertaş “Hane” ve Doğa Bircan “Breeze”. We would like to thank Spirohome, Karel, Tandem, Biyomod, Mertoğlu and Aselsan, and studio team for their valuable contributions. We sincerely congratulate our award-winning graduates and students.

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04/11/2022 - 13:31