METU Industrial Design Department hosted the first phase of an international event on material culture as part of a regional project led and funded by our partner university in Israel, the Neri Bloomfield Haifa School of Design (WIZO Haifa) between the dates 17-19 April 2023. The event was participated face-to-face by students from METU (ID 403 course) and WIZO Haifa, and online by students from Muhammed VI Polytechnic University School of Architecture, Planning and Design (Ben Guerir, Morocco). The event included field trips to Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Ankara Castle area and a full-day trip to Beypazarı. The field trips were followed by a 12-hour hackathon where student teams reflected on the findings and insights, and the design approach they intend to develop. The second phase of the project has been taking place in Morocco, between 21-26 April.

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