METU ID would like to thank Ian James Storer and Ian Campbell from Loughborough Design School for their presentations and workshop this week, “Rapid Concept Development: 2D-3D Form Creation”. We were presented with some great techniques for visualisation, focusing on Pinterest to gather style-based product imagery, Photoshop Mashing of images to create quick product visuals to inspire and set design directions, and to the extremely valuable (but somewhat now forgotten) practice of 3D hand sketching based on lofting and flowing between 2D sections and elevations. Students were guided to use these techniques to create an external hard drive enclosure `in the style of…` or `suited to the persona of…`. They then advanced their designs in preparation for 3D printing. We look forward to seeing the end results. Have a great trip back to the UK, Ian & Ian!

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07/11/2022 - 01:09