Assist. Prof. Dr Damla Tönük


Phone: +90 312 210 2242

Room: 41


Damla TONUK got her BSc and MSc degrees from METU, TR, Department of Industrial Design and PhD from Lancaster University, UK, Department of Sociology. Her disciplinary vision is driven by material culture studies, cultural studies, and Science and Technology Studies. In conjunction of these broad disciplinary approaches lay everyday objects and materials of design that present intriguing units of study as social, cultural and technological entities. Tonuk's publications are localized around materials in general, and plastics and bioplastics more specifically. She supervises thesis projects on VR, schoolbags, gender, and is involved in research projects in diverse topics as architecture history and biomaterials. Currently, Tonuk is Assistant Professor at METU, Department of Industrial Design, and co-convenor of DRS - OPENSIG.

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23/11/2022 - 00:56