Doktora programı mezunumuz Dr. Armağan Kuru, EÜTB Lisansüstü Seminerleri Serisi'nin bir parçası olarak, "Exploration of User Experience of Personal Informatics Systems" başlıklı bir seminer verecektir. Seminer, 12 Mart, Çarşamba günü, saat 12:40'ta, Kubbealtı, Mimarlık Fakultesinde olacaktır. Herkese açıktır.

"Many people use personal informatics systems to gather personal behavioral data, make better decisions, and make changes to their behavior. While the proliferation of new products on the market makes collecting personal data easier, how to help people engage with these systems over a long period of time remains an open question. To uncover which features of personal informatics systems lead to engaging experience and long-term use, two user studies were conducted with people who use personal informatics systems to support or track behavior change. In this presentation, an example of uncovering people's experience through research will be explained."

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11/11/2022 - 19:40