Zeliha Uyurca Kapoğlu, ID480 Design Management dersi kapsamında "Designing For Real-World Solutions without Compromising on Design" başlıklı bir seminer verecektir. Mimarlık Fakültesi Amfisinde, 6 Mart 2024 Çarşamba 15.00-16.00 saatleri arasında hibrit olarak gerçekleşecek seminere, ilgilenen herkesi bekliyoruz. Çevrimiçi katılmak isteyenler, seminer davet linki için sumeyyes@metu.edu.tr ile iletişime geçebilirler.

Zeliha graduated from Middle east Technical University İN 2007 and has bachelor degree in Industrial Design. Just after graduation, she worked at Nurus and Vestel for a short time and started to work as an industrial design at Hidromek in 2009. She has been a part of several different projects which included exterior and interior design, and user research. She had gained several design awards together with Hidromek Design Studio. Later, she has joined Başak Tractor as a design consultant and later promoted Chief Industrial Designer position at MST. She had performed industrial design profession in construction machines and agricultural tractor industry for over thirteen years. Currently serving as a senior lead designer at Aselsan in Turkey, she has had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects encompassing digital and physical products. These experiences have provided her with a solid foundation in various aspects of design, including sketching, surface modeling, UX/UI design, color-trim design, user research, time management, and team management. Moreover, her background in the construction machine industry has equipped her with a profound understanding of engineering and production technologies. This exposure to technical constraints has allowed her to develop the ability to translate her designs into real-world solutions without compromising on quality or functionality.

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